Business Class Computer Service ...NOW for your Home Computer.

Personal I.T. may be new, but we've been around for quite a while!
Our company is the newest offering from a very established and highly respected computer company that has been servicing this area since the late 1990's. We are a division of CORDIX Systems.

CORDIX Systems is a niche computer service company that has found success in servicing the legal, medical, dental and business industries in and around the Barrie area.

We had this great idea!

Why not offer our same great knowledge and experience we have in the business world with computers and take it into the home?

...so we did.

We've noticed a trend of way too many computer companies setting up shop and offering service with very little to back them up. If the business world can't afford their computers to be compromised and left in "not-so" knowledgeable hands, why should our personal home computers?

Personal I.T. is HERE!

Thus, Personal I.T. is born.
We wanted to model our shop after one other known industry, the auto repair industry. For those who can bring their computer into our facility, we attempt to remedy or diagnose your computer issues right away. We keep you informed with every step of the repair process and get your input before any work gets done. We also go to you. Personal I.T. also offers on-site, in-your-home computer service, diagnostics and repair.

Why Charge So @%#! Much?

Exactly! That's what we thought. So we did something about it.
Our unique company structure allows us to offer you business class knowledge at a very attractive rate. We've researched the value of possible repairs required to your personal computer and the damage it could cause to your wallet. We found that a $48/hour in-store rate was fair and very competitive. We also break our pricing down to 15 minute increments which translates to only $12 for business class service, but on your own personal computer! Cool, EH?